Tips and tricks to efficiently clean the house

Most people have very little free time, which they have to divide between housekeeping, outgoings and meetings with friends, booking moments for loved ones or life partner, other household chores and, of course, relaxation. No wonder it seems impossible to have a clean and tidy house at all times, especially if you have children or if you have a resteless life.

July 2019

Of course, hiring a housekeeper is a dream that many housewives have, but this requires a generous budget and, especially, the confidence to leave someone else around the property. If you can’t afford to hire a housekeeper or you prefer to do something else with this money it’s good to know that house clearance can even be a form of therapy, which can bring you a better mood than you imagined!

So, you have to accept the challenge and, especially, to learn how to clean the house and how to keep it as long as possible, in order to enjoy other activities during the day.

So here are some suggestions you can take into account to make your job easier:

  • Instead of walking from one room to another trying to clean the whole house at the same time, it is better to focus on each room. This way, you are not distracted from other things and you can concentrate more easily, so you can finish faster and you will have a feeling of satisfaction after cleaning each room, which will motivate you to continue until you solve the whole house!
  • Make orders in the house every day! Before any cleaning, you must make an order: put everything in its place, from clothing to items used more often or less often. This process can take even longer than the cleaning itself, but you can skip it if you set aside a few minutes each day to complete this task.
  • Make it a habit to wipe certain surfaces more often, such as kitchen countertops, electronics and appliances, sanitary ware, and to do certain sanitizing actions as soon as you have finished using some areas or objects. It is much easier to clean stains, liquids or other substances when they are fresh than after a few days. For example: clean the bathtub immediately after bathing to remove soap deposits; clean the sink daily with warm water and a cloth; wash dishes after each meal; wash your cup of coffee after drinking; sweep daily, especially in heavily used areas.
  • Washing clothes is considered another action in the cleaning process and even here you can make your work considerably easier. How? If you have enough space, buy several laundry baskets, each for a certain category of clothes: black, white, colored. This saves time sorting them. Specialists recommend buying not very large baskets, because they can make you collect more clothes than you can wash in one day, without realizing it. Every time you pack clothes enough to fill a washing machine, wash them, don’t wait for the weekend to do it with everything you have to do.
  • Rubbish removal is another stage in this process, and our advice is to selectively sort it: household waste, plastic, paper, etc. This way you will contribute to waste recycling and you will make our planet a better place to live.

If you want the sanitation of the house not to take up a lot of your time or effort, it is good to organize yourself and make a plan that you respect. It will help you work efficiently and have very good results in the shortest time.

First of all, it is recommended to start with the most frequently used rooms (living room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen), because here you will have the most work.

Then you have to start cleaning from top to bottom, the floors being the last. Otherwise, if you wipe the dust after vacuuming and washing on the floor, it will get dirty in the blink of an eye.

Daily house cleaning – is it necessary or not?

The answer to this question is no. All the actions that are part of the house cleaning process are not necessary daily. However, it is good to take a few minutes to tidy up, to sweep if there are crumbs on the floor, to arrange the clothes in their place, and to wash the dishes. Thus, the cleanliness will be kept for a longer time and you will enjoy a sanitized and pleasant environment. Good luck!

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