The role and importance of a garage clearance company

Cleaning the house is indispensable for the good health of your family. This whole process must fall not only on the shoulders of one person but on all family members. Who doesn’t like to have a clean house and free of germs? In addition to safety, it also gives you a feeling of peace.

A clean house can make us feel good during our time at home and help prevent the spread of germs. But not only the house needs to be cleaned, but also the related – the garden and the garage. And as it is well known, the cleaning of the garage starts with the disposal of useless elements and waste, a process called garage clearance.

Garage clearance

Many of us use our garage as an extra storage space for things that just don’t take place inside the house. A recent market study revealed that a quarter of households who own a personal car simply cannot park it in the garage due to its congestion with stored goods, garbage, gardening, and DIY equipment that are kept in there.

It is not surprising because the storage space in our homes is minimal. The same study also showed that one in ten householders said that they would probably never be able to vacate their garage because it was too many problems and too much trouble. But here comes a company specialized in garage clearance and rubbish removal. The role of these companies is to help you recover your garage both as a useful space for your car and for other useful tools and equipment, eliminating anf getting rid of unwanted furniture, bulky waste and all the junk.

The role of these garage clearance companies is to load up, remove and take away all the unwanted things from your garage so that you are not left with dirt and mess. As it is well known, garages can sometimes have large quantities of toxic material such as garden pesticides or paint, etc. But by calling a garage clearance company you can be sure that each item will be handled correctly and will reach the right place – whether it is to be recycled, reconditioned, reused, refurbished, or sent to the landfill. That way, your stuff will never end up being dumped illegally.

For what kind of things can you turn to a garage clearance company?

Waste and garbage carriers of a professional garage clearance company can remove anything that would normally find in a home garage, which includes a wide range of items that people accumulate over time. Examples include:

  • General junk such as: glass,cardboard, plastic, paper, carpet;
  • Furniture such as: chairs, sofas, tables, , umbrellas, cupboards patio heaters, cushions;
  • Storage such as: boxes, pallets, racking, shelving;
  • Garden and general tools such as: hoes, spades,rakes, secateurs, hammers, pliers, saws;
  • Garden and general machinery such asa strimmers, mowers, rotavators, hedge clippers, chainsaws;
  • Car parts and tools such as body panels,engines, car spares, jacks, spanners, socket sets.

What will happen to my discarded things and stuff?

By calling a garage clearance company, they will send a suitable vehicle (truck or van – depending on the size of the job) at the agreed time, where your waste will be loaded. The next step? All stuff they load up will be evaluated based on certain criteria. Any object that can be put back into use or can be reconditioned and reused will be separated from the rest. Anything that cannot be reused but can be recycled will be placed in the appropriate recycling stream at an official waste disposal site. And the rest, usually less than 10-15% of the things collected will go for legal and safe disposal into an official landfill site. So, the role of these garage clearance companies is primarily to prevent materials from going to landfills unnecessarily. Usually, about 90% of the collected items are reused or recycled.

Of course, there are a few materials that the teams of a garage clearance company cannot pick up due to safety and health concerns. These include flammable materials (e.g. propane, diesel, petrol, butane), toxic materials (weed killer, asbestos, herbicide), or anything that could present a biological hazard (eg human waste or animal).

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