Spring cleaning tips

“Spring cleaning” is an expression that refers to several operations that have the role of refreshing and house clearance.

With the arrival of spring, in addition to general cleaning most people do other things to give the house a “new face”, such as: more extensive repairs, the organization of the yard and garden, renovation, changing certain household items (carpets, curtains), changing pieces of furniture, etc.

House Clearance

Furthermore, you can get rid of things that are no longer needed, regardless of their nature: you can make order and cleanliness among clothes, among accessories, among decorations, practically, everywhere. Spring cleaning takes longer, it’s true, but it’s a good opportunity to take care of every corner of the house in detail, so that the result will be the one you dream of.

Tips and rules to keep in mind when cleaning the house

Keep these things in mind when preparing or starting cleaning the house:

  • Wear latex gloves to protect your hands, especially when using strong cleaners;
  • Do not apply the cleaning product directly on the targeted surface, but on the cloth;
  • Avoid washing the windows if you know it will rain;
  • To more easily clean the tiles, you can close the window and the bathroom door, letting the hot water flow in the bathtub. The steam softens the marks on the walls and floor;
  •  Before you start cleaning, make sure you have all the household products and things needed for any surface;
  •  Use only products suitable for the surfaces you have in your home;
  •  Don’t forget to sanitize the objects used for cleaning after you have finished the job;
  •  Avoid using the same mop on the entire floor of the house. Ideally, you should have one for the bedroom and living room, one for the bathroom and one for the kitchen;
  •  Keep dish sponges, bath sponges and toothbrushes away from moisture, in places where they can dry quickl. This rule applies not only during cleaning, but also all the time;
  • Use different sponges or cloths for bathroom, kitchen and furniture;
  •  Frequently replace items used for cleaning to prevent the growth of bacteria and mold;
  •  Don’t forget to shake off dust and wash textiles such as carpet, curtains, drapes, blankets, beds, decorative pillows, chair cushions, etc.

The main operations you need to do in each room are the following. And don’t forget to start with the most frequently used rooms, because here you will have the most work to do.

Dining room

  • Remove from the room all the things that do not have their place there and collect all the decorative objects in a box;
  • Wipe dust off the library, closet, dresser, etc. then clean the decorations as well;
  • Wash the windows;
  • Clean the sofa and armchairs;
  • Collect and shake dusty textiles (including curtains and drapes, at least once a month);
  • Clean the carpets;
  • Vacuum the floors and wash them with a mop.


  • Put all clothing items in their place;
  • Collect bedding and bed linen;
  • Wipe the dust and organize the decorative objects;
  • Order on the bedside table and in the drawers;
  • Wash windows and mirrors
  • Aspirate and mop;
  • Put new bedding on the bed.


  • Wash dirty dishes;
  • Throw away everything that is old, broken or useless;
  • Wash suspended furniture;
  • Wash table and cabinet tops;
  • Wash the sink and appliances (refrigerator, stove, microwave, oven, espresso machine, sandwich maker, etc.);
  • Collect and wash textiles (tablecloths, kitchen towels, oven gloves);
  • Sweep and wash the floor.


  •  Throw away everything you don’t need;
  • Store personal hygiene items in a safe place;
  • Wash windows and mirrors;
  • Cleans and disinfects sanitary ware;
  • Clean cabinets and other surfaces;
  • Clean and wash the floor.

You should not neglect other spaces in the house, such as hallways or limber box.

Pay attention to rubbish removal, an extremely important stage of spring cleaning. Our advice is to selectively sort it: paper, plastic, household garbage, etc. By doing so, you will contribute to waste recycling. And if each of us takes care of this aspect we will make our planet a better world.

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