Loft clearance – a service you need!

When you have lived in a loft for a long period of time, you are bound to accumulate a number of personal belongings, furniture, appliances, etc. If you are looking to create more space and de-clutter, you might want to consider a professional loft clearance service. This can be useful for those who are planning on moving out as well, as it will save the hassle of having to handle the actual clearance yourself. Keep on reading and discover more interesting information on this particular service.

Why should you consider loft clearance?

A professional loft clearance service can help you get rid of items you are no longer using. They can clear out everything fast, without you having to lift a finger. Not to mention, such services are offered at genuinely affordable prices, so you will really end up saving both time and money.

The process is quite simple. You can require an estimate for your loft and, upon being in agreement with the price, you can book an appointment for the clearance. The team of experienced professionals will come to the specified location, in order to remove junk, rubbish or various items not in use. It is worth mentioning that all cleared items will be sorted and recycled (where possible).

The biggest advantage is that you can book such services at any moment, the online booking being available 24/7. Loft clearance teams are fully insured and licensed, so you do not have to worry about the legal part. You are guaranteed same-day service in case of emergencies, the cost of labour is included and, thanks to the year of experience, the whole process will be completed sooner than imagined.

What kinds of items are cleared out?

The good news is that a wide range of items can be cleared out. The list includes worn-out or obsolete electrical appliances, furniture, white goods and personal possessions. You can rely on such a service to take away audio equipment, carpets and books. They will handle everything, ensuring that the majority of the items cleared are recycled (without ending up in the landfill and polluting the environment).


Are there any items not accepted?

Hazardous materials are generally not accepted, given the inherent risk. The list can include noxious chemicals, as well as solvents, petrol cans and motor oil. Asbestos is not accepted, nor are vehicle batteries, medical and biological waste. Any other toxic substance, as well as raw meat or fish, are not accepted.

It is worth mentioning that certain hazardous items can be collected. These include freezers, fridges and computer monitors. However, given the higher disposal costs, you will have to pay an additional fee. If you are not certain which items can be collected, it is for the best to talk to the specialists in loft clearance.

Professional team to the rescue

By choosing a reputed loft clearance service, you are guaranteed the absolute best standards whereas customer service is concerned. The team includes trained and experienced professionals; these specialists have both the skills and knowledge required to clear your loft, in a quick and respectful manner.

Upon making the arrangements for the clearance, the team will take any particular requirements into account. They will work wonders with inaccessible spaces, getting the job done. When offering a price estimate, they will pay attention to load quantity, accessibility, parking space possibility and supplementary clearance needs. You will get a rough price, so that you can form an idea about the overall costs.

Commitment to a cleaner planet

When resorting to a loft clearance service, the last thing on your mind is what will happen with the items leaving the premises. As professional services are committed to reducing the amount of existent waste, they will sort all cleared items and decide what can be re-used or recycled. The main idea is that very few items reach the landfill, thus contributing to a cleaner planet.

Your job is to be specific about your needs

In order to facilitate the clearance process, it is for the best to be as specific as you can about your needs. You can use the online form and give a brief description of your waste removal requirements; or, if you prefer, you can contact the clearance professionals by phone. Based on your specifications, these specialists will be able to offer a better estimate (time and cost related).

Specialized equipment for a fast removal process

The team will arrive to the mentioned address with specialized trucks, so that all waste is removed fast and efficiently. When they have completed the loft clearance, they will tidy up and leave the loft 100% clean.

The vehicles used for the clearance have a lot of space and it is important to know that the price is directly proportional to the load quantity (how much of the vehicle has been filled). The loading and disposal fees are included in the price, so that you can really enjoy a cost-advantageous service. As previous mentioned, thanks to the use of specialized equipment, the same-day removal is possible (in case of emergencies).

Professionalism and reliability

You can expect the specialists in loft clearance to be both professional and reliable. They will only start working in the situation you are satisfied with the estimate, making sure that you benefit from a great service. Each of the specialists working on the team will be friendly, responding to your questions and helping you in any way possible. The vehicles are designed so that they have a generous capacity, as well as are equipped for diverse clearance needs.

Given the experience in the field, the professional collectors will work in any type of space. You can contact them for large to small-sized lofts, to remove waste in bulk or just a few items. As promises, you will only pay for the actual load quantity, so this is a truly generous offer.

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