General cleaning: tips and solutions for a bright house

General cleaning has become a tradition at least once a year, which most people strictly follow. Our homes need refreshment and reorganization. Spring is the ideal time to pay attention to the house clearance, being more efficient if it takes place in March, when the thermometers still indicate moderate to cold temperatures. At the same time, spring cleaning has become a habit due to the Easter holidays: the houses had to be bright before this holiday.

Spring cleaning is also known as general cleaning because attention is paid to the whole house. As a result this process extends over a fairly long period, usually one week.

In order to make your work easier and to make the spring cleaning as efficient as possible, we offer you some solutions and tips:

How do you start cleaning your house?

To simplify the cleaning process in the house, we recommend that it should be started from top to bottom to ensure that the dust remains in the areas where we have not yet intervened. We carefully clean the windows, doors, but also the cabinets and upper bodies. These are usually the places we clean less often, because they are harder to reach. Another useful tip is to start with rooms that require more work, such as the limber box, bathroom or kitchen.

Of course, each person has their own style of cleaning and choose the right option. In addition, each home has different needs and it is good to know how to adapt to them.

General cleaning in the kitchen

The kitchen needs constant maintenance, because it is a frequently used space. Delicious dishes are cooked with great pleasure, but all this leaves behind many washing dishes and clutter on the worktop. If you are an organized person, you have already taken care of the hygiene in the kitchen, so the spring cleaning will be much easier.

  • Clean the refrigerator both inside and out. Use special microfiber cloths to make sure you don’t damage its surface;
  • Clean small appliances with wet wipes or remove detachable components and wash them carefully;
  • Empty kitchen cabinets and wipe the shelves. You can also think of new ways to organize dishes or cooking utensils, so you can use the space intelligently;
  •  You can give up kitchen utensils or containers that you do not use to save space;
  • Find a place in the buffet for all the objects you currently keep on the counter or on the table. Leave only the decorations or objects with an attractive design visible and you will be able to create a more airy and pleasant atmosphere.

General cleaning in the bathroom

The bathroom is also a room that needs extra attention. Due to the humidity, the walls can degrade, subsequently affecting your health. That is why it is good to take into account some recommendations:

  • Throw away any expired cosmetics or medications. It often happens that we do not check their validity and we keep a lot of products that we no longer use. Rubbish removal is an important step in the process of cleaning each room, so it is good to selectively sort the garbage to be recycled.
  • If your bathroom is equipped with a ventilation fan, it is recommended to clean it as well. If you enjoy a window in the bathroom, ventilate for at least 15 minutes every day;
  • Shower curtains can also get dirty due to the accumulation of detergents and water, so it is good to wash them, or why not, to invest in a new shower curtain;
  • Wipe the ceramic surfaces in the bathroom with special solutions for these types of materials;
  • At the end, add scented candles to enjoy a comfortable and soothing ambiance.

General cleaning in the storeroom

In the storeroom or pantry we store a multitude of objects, so this space is laden and requires more time allocated for cleaning. It is recommended to release all the shelves and clean each shelf. Also try to throw away everything that is no longer useful to you and reorganize the space.

General cleaning in the living room

Here’s what you need to do to refresh your living room:

  • It is advisable to start by tidying up the room: gather all the objects that are not in place. This will make it easier for you to get organized when you clean;
  • Wipe dust off all surfaces and pay attention to lighting fixtures – it is important to wipe them off as well;
  • Wash curtains and drapes, or replace them with new ones;
  • Clean the carpets by vacuuming and use solutions to refresh the colors.

General cleaning in the bedroom

The bedroom is the space where we rest after a long day, so it is for each of us an oasis of peace, which you can enjoy if you follow a few simple steps:

  • Replace the bed linen with a clean one;
  • Wash curtains and drapes to freshen the room air;
  • Turn the bed mattress upside down. This helps to redistribute weight uniformly and you will be able to enjoy it longer;
  • Empty the closets and wipe the dust inside them, including drawers;
  • Ventilate the bedroom constantly.

To motivate yourself while cleaning do not forget that the home is the environment in which you relax, restore your energy and enjoy beautiful moments with your loved ones. Good luck!

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