Garage clearance – a service for all homeowners

Even though the intended usage of the garage is to store our cars, often times we end up gathering all sort of items. When too much junk accumulates, the functionality of the garage is lost. Moreover, our cars remain parked on the driveway, without any protection against different types of weather. The garage clearance service is something all homeowners should consider, especially since it is so affordable.

Why do I need garage clearance?


The first thing you should do is go and take a look at your garage. If your car is parked on the driveway and the garage is filled to the brim with items you are no longer using, then the garage clearance service is exactly what you need.

Once you use this specialized service, you can reclaim your valuable garage space. The team will handle all the hard work, providing a service that is fast, affordable and convenient. If you are tired of your garage overflowing and junk gathering by the second, it is time to take action and book an appointment.

From a practical perspective, you have to keep in mind that your car needs to be in the garage and not sit in the driveway (weather damage is an actual thing). If this is not a matter of concern, you can use that newly-cleaned space for other purposes (turn the garage into a workspace).

How does it work?

You find a service and request an estimate. If you are satisfied with the proposed rates, you can book the service and make an appointment for the garage clearance. A specialized team will arrive to your premises and remove all desired items from the garage. Certain items will be recycled, in as much as it is possible. The professional clearance team will load all the unwanted items into the specialized trucks, making sure that the garage is left clean and tidy.

Benefits of using a specialized service


First and foremost, you will work with a service that is fully insured and licensed. This means that the garage clearance will be performed in according to the current legislation and without any risk to you and other people’s safety.

The entire list of services and pricing guidelines will be explained to you, before booking the actual appointment. Together with the team, you will choose a time convenient for you; the specialists will even call ahead and confirm the arrival, so that you can be prepared.

A reputable service has upfront prices, without any hidden costs, so you do not have to worry about your budget. Moreover, all rates include the labour and disposal.

In case you need the garage to be cleaned on an urgent basis, you can contact the specialized service and ask for emergency clearance. You will be happy to know that the garage clearance specialists are available 24/7, being able to handle any kind of job.

The price requested for the garage clearance is based on the percentage filled in the vehicle. Basically, you are only paying for the used space, this being the main reason why such services are so affordable. It is also important to remember that this particular service is cheaper than hiring a van or skip.

Do I have to clean up after the team?

The answer is no. As you are benefitting from a complete service, once the garage clearance has been performed, the team will clean the site and leave everything tidy. Your garage will be free of rubbish and ready to use, in any way you might feel like it.

What kind of items can be removed?

A wide range of items can be removed from the garage, including old bikes, tools you no longer use and even cars. All wanted items, junk and rubbish are collected and properly disposed of. The list includes outdated or dysfunctional gardening equipment, exercise equipment, machinery and workbenches. They even collect boxes containing old toys, spare parts and other miscellaneous items.

Recycling, a mission for a cleaner planet

All items taken from garages are sorted out, so that as many items as possible are recycled. These services are registered with environmental agencies, as a commitment to a green environment.

The specialists in garage clearance are more than interested in responsible disposal. For this reason, they will send all items that can no longer be used to licensed transfer stations. From there, they will be transported to suitable locations and disposed of in a suitable manner. Thus, the amount of waste sent to landfills will be considerable reduced.

When clearing out the garage, the clearance experts will also analyze the materials suitable for recycling. These can include a wide range of goods, including old fridges and freezers, electronics and items made from plastic. Metal and paper products can also be recycled.

If there are items that can be re-used, these will be donated to local NGOs and charities. Thus, they will be useful for those in need.

A final note

In the end, the entire content of the garage will be cleared out and you will be able to use the space as desired. If desired, old garages can be demolished and the waste materials removed as well. The whole process will be quick, efficient and discreet. In the situation you will desire for certain items to be kept, the specialists in garage clearance will store these, in a neat and safe manner.

All items that are gathered from the garage are sorted out, with three possibilities: transfer to licensed transfer stations, recycling or charity donation. You will not have to lift a finger and, thus, you will be protected against the risk of injuries. There is no need to rely on family members or friends to clear out your garage, as the team of specialists will handle everything. The prices are upfront and without any hidden fees, the staff is friendly and experienced, cleaning up after themselves.

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