Garage Clearance

Tired of excess junk? Try a garage clearance service!

A cluttered garage is something we all might have dealt with, at least once in our lives. If you feel overwhelmed by the excess junk and you would like to reclaim the garage space, you might want to consider a professional garage clearance service.

A team of professionals, experienced in clearing out garages of different types and sizes, will come to your property and turn your garage into a functional space. Such services are also useful to those who are relocation, planning on selling the property and the annexed garage as a natural consequence.

The garage clearance process

Once you have found a service you are comfortable with, you can request a free quote (estimate for the rendered services). You can call the garage clearance specialists or use the online form, inquiring about additional services or requesting other information (for example, if they also provide residential garage clearance services).

Provided you are satisfied with the estimate offered, you can schedule an appointment and wait for the specialists to come to your property. They will clear out the garage as instructed and leave the space spotless, ready for use. All collected items will be taken away and disposed of in a responsible manner.

What kinds of items are collected?

The list of acceptable items includes various tools and machinery, broken or outdated furniture, bikes and motorbikes, cars and car parts, and lawnmowers. The specialists will collect boxes of junk and rubbish, as well as any other items you are no longer planning on using.

Both car parts and tools are collected, including engines, jacks and car spares. Hedge clippers, chainsaws and strimmers are part of the gardening equipment that can be collected. Garden tools, such as rakes, saws, hammers and pliers, are also acceptable. Old sofas and chairs, shelves and racks, cardboard and general junk complete the list.

Are there items that will not be collected?

The answer is yes. For health and safety concerns, there are certain items that cannot be picked up. The list includes materials that might be toxic, such as substances used to kill weeds or asbestos, as well any existent bio-hazard (for example, animal waste). Flammable materials are not collected, so you should not make such requests (flammable materials can include propane, butane, diesel and petrol).

As a general rule, the items that are picked up are the ones you would normally find in a garage. You should always discuss about your collecting needs with the garage clearance specialists, before arranging the pick-up appointment.

Why should you consider a professional service?

Let’s face it, most of us have a lot of things in our garages that we are no longer using. With the passing of time, these have the tendency to accumulate and prevent us from using the garage as intended. A professional service represents an easy to option, especially since these specialists will handle the entire job, from A to Z.

They will come to your property and clear out any kind of garage, helping you turn that space into one that is fully functional. These guys understand that clearing out the garage can be a real hassle, taking up a lot of time and energy. They are glad to help and get you rid of the headache of handling things on your own.

From another perspective, you have to be aware of the fact that these guys have more experience in clearing out a garage. They know how to handle hazardous materials, as well as waste products and various stains. By trying to take matters in your own hands, you will put yourself at risk of injury and you do not want for anything to happen.

Partial or complete garage clearance

You can ask the garage clearance experts to clear out the entire garage or only a part of it. Regardless of the demands, they will handle the job with the same amount of professionalism, making the process as simple and straightforward as it is possible.

From the start, you should mention exactly the items you want to be removed, so that the specialists can organize themselves and proceed accordingly. In case you only want certain items to be removed, you should also take the time to mark the ones meant to stay. These can facilitate the garage clearance process, allowing the specialists to work more efficiently.

Of course, if you are interested in complete garage clearance, this is a definite possibility. The specialists will remove everything you have in the garage, cleaning up when they are done. Even racking and fixtures can be removed from the garage, so that you can renovate it as you want.

Responsible disposal

All the items collected from your garage will be disposed of in a manner that is responsible and friendly to the environment. The garage clearance experts will re-use, refurbish or recycle items wherever possible, reducing the percentage of garbage reaching the landfill.

Handling the difficult part for you

Professional employees will demonstrate their knowledge and experience, making sure that the garage clearance is prompt and efficient. If you have valuable items, they will work with extreme caution, so that no damage occurs in the process. The most important thing is that you are satisfied with the end result, finally being able to use your garage.

They will handle all the heavy lifting and loading, so that you are not at risk of injury and you can use the time on other important matters. The job will be finished as quickly as possible and you are welcome to assist, providing instructions whenever it is necessary. If you would like to use your garage, there is no better time than the present moment to contact a team of clearance specialists. These guys will help you turn your garage into an otherwise functional space, making sure that you are perfectly pleased with how the job turned out. They will follow your demands to the letter and provide a service that is environmentally-friendly.

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